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Seguimos actualizando a la comunidad liceana sobre los libros nuevos que se encuentran a disposición de los estudiantes en nuestra Biblioteca LAM.

  1. Emerson´s Earlier Poems Gallagrier Oscar Charles
  2. Adam Bede Eliot George
  3. Sesame And Lilies Ruskin John
  4. The Scarlet Letter Hawthorne Nathaniel
  5. The Quincey´s Beatty Mary
  6. David Copperfield The Yuonger Dickens Charles
  7. Browning´s Shorter Poems Baker Franklint
  8. Lincoln´s Addresses Inaugural´s Chubb Percival
  9. Inmemorian Lord Alfred
  10. Amid Summer Nights Dream Shakespeare William
  11. The Deerslayer Fenimore James
  12. The Faerie Queene Armstrong George
  13. The Eglish Amil Coach And The Spanish Military De Quincey Thomas
  14. Elegy Written In A Country Church Gray Thomas
  15. Selected Poems Bell Charles
  16. Oeuvres Prodhommer Sully
  17. Byronis Shorter Poems Hartt B.
  18. Poems Allam Edgard
  19. David Copperfield Yhe Youger Dickens Charles
  20. Selections From Whitman Thornsburgh Zada
  21. The Deserted Village Witeford Robert N.
  22. Life And Letters Of Lord Macaulay Wayne Barley Josep
  23. Paradise Lost Milton John
  24. Treasure Island Stevenson Robert Louis
  25. Milton´s Comus Lucidas Allen Samuel
  26. Tales Of Way Side Inn Castleman J. H.
  27. Childe Harold´s Pilgrimage Byron Lord
  28. The Last Days Of Pompe Castleman J. H.
  29. Geoffrey Chaucer´s Ingraham Andrew
  30. The Last Of The Mohicans Fenimore James
  31. Past And Present Carlyle Tomás
  32. The Court Ship Of Miles Standish Howe Will David
  33. The Alhambra Irving Washington
  34. Lays Of Ancient Roma Macaulay Lord
  35. The Spy Fenimore James